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Native American Organizations

The National Indian Health Board


The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) represents Tribal governments—both those that operate their own health care delivery systems through contracting and compacting, and those receiving health care directly from the Indian Health Service (IHS) The NIHB continually presents the Tribal perspective while monitoring federal legislation, and opening opportunities to network with other national health care organizations to engage their support on Indian health care issues. The only organization of its kind; dedicated to strengthening healthcare for all AI/ANs. To learn more visit the website:

The National Indian Health Board


The National Congress of American Indians


The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is the oldest, largest, and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization serving the broad interests of tribal governments and communities.

NCAI, a non-profit organization, advocates for a bright future for generations to come by taking the lead to gain consensus on a constructive and promising vision for Indian Country. The organization’s policy issues and initiatives are driven by the consensus of our diverse membership, which consists of American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments, tribal citizens, individuals, and Native and non-Native organizations. Click the link below to learn more.

The National Congress of American Indians


The National Indian Education Association


The premiere organization advocating for educational excellence, opportunity, and equity for American Indian,  Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students, the mission of the National Indian Education Association (NIEA)  is to support traditional Native cultures and values; to enable Native learners to become contributing members  of their communities; to promote Native control of educational institutions; and to improve educational  opportunities and resources for American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians throughout the United States. Click the link below for more information.

National Indian Education Association site


Cultural Resources Staff

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